How to Loosen Nuna Car Seat Straps

December 26, 2023

Whether your child is sleeping or awake, they should always be buckled in their car seat. This ensures that their harness is secure, and it also prevents them from being thrown around the car when a crash happens. However, some parents have trouble with the car seat’s harness straps being too tight. This can be dangerous for kids because twisted straps are narrower and would amplify the force of the crash across a smaller area.

Luckily, there’s an easy solution for this! Here’s how to loosen nuna car seat straps so that they are snug without being too tight.

Many car seats have a tab to push or lever to lift right where the harness straps emerge from the seat (usually in between baby’s feet). Loosening these usually requires two hands—one hand will be pushing down or lifting up on the release mechanism, while the other will grab the shoulder straps and pull them away from your child’s body. This will gather the slack and remove any twisted webbing that may be present.

Once the slack has been removed, use your other hand to move the crotch buckle up to baby’s hips so that it’s as close to them as possible. Then, use the chest clip to position it at their armpit level—you’ll know that the harness is tight enough if you can’t pinch any webbing between your fingers at their shoulders. Remember, you should check your car seat’s instruction manual for specific instructions on how to adjust each buckle position, as they can vary between models and brands.


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