How to Measure 15 Feet From a Fire Hydrant in New York

June 15, 2023

When parking in New York City it is important to know how far away from a fire hydrant you can park. Getting ticketed for parking too close to a fire hydrant is a serious offense that can lead to increased fines and even the loss of your vehicle. Firefighters need to be able to access the hydrant easily when responding to an emergency, and even parking your car in front of it for just a few minutes can make it impossible for them to do so.

In New York City it is illegal to park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant, and the city’s police force enforces this rule strictly. If you are parked too close to one and get ticketed, it’s crucial that you fight the ticket. It is possible to win a case against an unjust fire hydrant ticket, but you have to do your research and prepare.

To avoid a ticket, you should keep a tape measure in your vehicle and use it to regularly measure the distance between the hydrant and your car. This way you’ll have solid documentation if you are ever pulled over for parking too close to a fire hose. In addition to your tape measure, you should also take a few photographs of your placement and the distance. Having this documentation ready will give you a good chance of winning your fight against a fire hydrant ticket.

If you receive a ticket for parking too close to a fire hazard, you can always dispute it online, by mobile app, or by mail. You must do so within 30 days of receiving the citation or risk additional penalties and even the loss of your vehicle.


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