How to Open a Car Trunk With a Screwdriver

October 18, 2023

Many cars have a trunk space for passengers to store their luggage. In some vehicles, the trunk also serves as a pet carrier for dogs and cats. In others, it’s a way to easily transport overflow items during a move or to store a spare tire for emergencies on the road. Additionally, trunks offer a safe place to hide valuable items to reduce theft risk while the car is parked.

It’s not uncommon for a driver to find themselves in a situation where their car trunk is locked and they don’t have a spare key or the keys themselves. If the vehicle is equipped with an emergency trunk release handle, drivers may be able to use this in order to open their trunk without breaking a lock. Otherwise, they will need to resort to other methods, including using a rod, contacting roadside assistance, or trying to open the trunk with a screwdriver.

To do this, a driver will need to have access to a screwdriver that’s small enough to fit in the latch hole and some duct tape. They will need to get inside their trunk while stooping and use the duct tape to secure one end of the screwdriver to the broom handle of their car or other long, sturdy tool.

Next, they will need to locate the horizontal metal bar that’s located near the latch or handle. There should be a box on the bar that can be opened by turning clockwise with the screwdriver. Once this is done, the trunk should automatically open. Then, the driver can use the screwdriver to remove any insulation or back seats that are covering it and return everything to its original placement.


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