How to Optimize Your Website for Voice Assistants?

May 25, 2023


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Additionally, if your atlanta web design company’s site doesn't optimize for voice search and you don't, you'll lose an important portion of the traffic generated by these types of searches. You must improve your website for voice search since the percentage of searches it makes up is expected to increase. In this article, we'll go over five strategies experts use to improve websites to be optimized for search by voice. Let's get started.

How to Make Your Website Voice-Ready Search:

Make use of long, conversational Keywords

The main distinguishing characteristic of voice search is the use of lengthy sentences similar to those you say when speaking to someone. Therefore, it is common for people to use longer searches when conducting searches with their voice but smaller ones when they type.

So, the primary distinction in SEO for voice search lies in using conversational, long keywords to optimize voice search.

They can be located using tools like StoryBase and Answer the Public to find questions that people look upon on any subject. If you're already using SEMrush to analyze your data, you should try using the Mind Map feature to get concepts for Content and question-type keywords for a particular topic.

Another aspect to remember when choosing keywords is to choose natural words. Consider how you'd seek out a specific keyword using an assistant voice. What kinds of terms or languages would you choose to use?

This will assist you in identifying and utilizing those keywords that are relevant to voice searches within your field.

The focus is on Local SEO

Another feature of voice search is that most focus on local search results. Below are a few tips that you can use to optimize your website to rank for local voice searches.

Create a Google My Business listing

Have you ever conducted an area-specific search, whether voice or otherwise, on your phone? For most people who have done an online search for a specific area, the answer to the two-part question would be "No."

Most people look at their Google listings and then call the business directly from the listings without ever visiting the site. This is why it's essential to include your business on Google listings.

Even though Google My Business is the most significant directory since it is always first in the rankings, other directories could aid. For example, directors are typically more highly ranked than the individual websites of businesses for local business-related searches.

If a user seeks out "restaurants in my area" or similar terms, they'll first be able to see Google listings and then directories listed in the results. Sometimes, you may notice the address of the specific restaurant, but it will likely be a company's listing in directories.

Directories have higher rankings over individual sites because they contain more pages and key phrases than local businesses can have on their site.

Use location specific Keywords

Another method to increase local traffic on your website is to incorporate your locality into your website's Content. This can include titles, URLs, meta descriptions, and more.

You may also include nearby landmarks within your search phrases since they are a common topic for people to mention when they search for something via voice.

If you've optimized your keyword and added "New York" and "Manhattan" to your keyword list, you may not be able to rank for these searches.

This is why it's crucial to be as precise as you can when mentioning places and landmarks in your search terms.

Make use of "Near me" in titles, tags, and Content

As mentioned above, In the past, many users conducted local voice searches using the phrase "near me" in their searches. If you incorporate this into your title tags, meta descriptions, tags, and URLs, your Content and your chances of being ranked will increase.

Consider it as a second keyword you should be able to add to your primary keywords. For example, suppose your primary keyword is "digital marketing expert." In addition, you must include the secondary word "near me" and then use the phrase "digital marketer near me" wherever feasible.

If you try this method, you'll notice your website getting higher rankings for "near me" search results.

Make use of Structured Data

Although most people use voice to search for local, people also search for other items using voice-based assistants. When it comes to such searches, there are better solutions than local SEO, and you'll need to use a different method.

Websites that employ structured data display differently in the Google SERPs than normal results for searches.

For instance, if you look up "pasta recipe," then you'll see specific visual search results classified as "recipes" as well as "videos." These are websites that utilize structured data.

These results instantly grab people's attention; they usually do not think about anything else. So even if your atlanta web design company site is listed at the top of Google's search results, you'll receive less attention than these.

Create Solution-Focused Content

Most people use voice search to answer an issue or solve an issue. If you

Create Content that addresses the most commonly asked questions by consumers in your industry. Give actionable insight that users can apply in everyday life. Maintain a natural language that is simple to comprehend.

It is possible to do this by splitting your Content into relevant sections using bullet point points. Listicles are very effective since they help readers grasp your article's essence.

Consider it this way If people are using the voice to search for answers and your Content must be able to answer the questions.

To ensure your website's web content meets SEO standards, audit your website's Content. You can also utilize tools for the optimization of Content to assist you in creating quality Content that is ranked.


Voice search has seen a rise in popularity and usage in recent years. Soon, it is expected to continue growing.

These are a few of the most efficient methods to optimize your Web Design company’s site and make it more user-friendly. These strategies keep the specifics associated with voice searches in your mind and will provide you with strategies to use these features. Use these methods to optimize your site and prepare for the coming surge in voice search results.


How can I improve my WordPress site for voice searches?

If you'd like your WordPress website to rank better in the voice search results, One of the most effective options is to select an easy-to-load theme and then improve all other aspects of your website to ensure that it loads quickly. In addition, consider adding schema markup to your site's Content, even if the impact of voice searches isn't that great.

What is the meaning of voice engine optimization?

The term "voice SEO" refers to optimizing keywords and phrases used in queries that use voice assistants. According to certain SEO experts, voice SEO is essential to ensure that websites appear in the results of searches made using voice assistants.

What is voice search? How can it improve your SEO?

Voice search optimization will allow your site to be found quickly and ranks higher in the search engines. This can, in turn, increase the traffic to your site.


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