How to Park Your Car to Avoid Towing

February 4, 2024

Towing is a costly and inconvenient experience, and you should do everything in your power to avoid it. You can make it harder for tow trucks to remove your vehicle by engaging the emergency brake, parking with your wheels turned, using a wheel lock, or parking tightly between cars. However, these tricks are just delay tactics; they won't stop a tow truck driver from performing their job once they're assigned to your car.

The best way to prevent your vehicle from being towed is to always park legally and pay any outstanding fines. Avoid parking in no-parking zones, and avoid blocking fire hydrants and other obstructions. Also, make sure to move your vehicle when it's time for street cleaning or snow removal. It's helpful to mark reminders on your calendar or subscribe to local announcements to stay informed about these changes.

Pay attention to signs and meters. They provide valuable information about parking regulations, restrictions, and time limits. Disregarding these indicators can lead to costly penalties, including fines and towing fees.

Always respect driveways. Blocking a driveway can interfere with residents and property owners' ability to enter or exit their homes or businesses, and it can result in your vehicle being towed.


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