How to Pronounce the Name of the Kosciuszko Bridge

February 11, 2023

kosciuszko bridge how to pronounce

The kosciuszko bridge is a bridge that connects Brooklyn, NY and Queens. It is named after Tadeusz Kosciuszko, a Polish military leader who fought in the American Revolutionary War.

The bridge has been around for 78 years and is now being replaced.

The old truss, which is known for its frequent traffic jams on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (BQE), has been demolished and will be replaced by the new span. The $555 million project is set to be complete in April and should relieve congestion on the highway.

How to Pronounce the Name

The Kosciuszko Bridge is named for a Polish general who fought in the Revolutionary War and was an honorary citizen of America. He was born in Belarus and moved to Poland when he was young.

He was a very patriotic person and he wanted to fight for the freedom of his people.

But he also wanted to make sure that the freedom of the Americans was a good thing too.

So he decided to go over to America and help the patriots win.

When he got to the United States, he was so popular that he was able to get a job and be elected to Congress.

He became a hero in the eyes of many and was rewarded with an honorary citizenship from the United States.

While the Polish pronunciation of Kosciuszko is kuh-SHOO-skoh, many Brooklynites pronounce it kah-skee-OSS-koh. That sounds pretty close to how it would be pronounced in a Belarusian dialect.


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