How to Pronounce Wroclaw

June 14, 2023

Wroclaw, pronounced vrotswaf (wroh-STOW-vuh) is the biggest city in Poland's Lower Silesian Voivodeship. It's also one of the country's UNESCO World Heritage Cities. This unique city with a thriving student population has tons of fun hidden gems, from events and festivals to quirky restaurants and bars.

It's a city with an interesting past. Over the years, it's been part of Bohemia, Austria, Prussia and - until 1945 - Germany (when it was called Breslau). The city was almost completely destroyed during World War II. After the Yalta and Potsdam Conferences the city was awarded to Poland and given its current name of Wroclaw.

The streets of Wroclaw are steeped in history and the city hall is considered one of the most magnificent examples of Gothic-Renaissance architecture in Europe. The old town with its cosy squares and alleys is well worth a stroll. The Cathedral Island – Ostrow Tumski – has a monastic feel, with its cobbled streets and contemplative atmosphere. Here, young priests in black robes flap across courtyards like Harry Potter extras.

There's a thriving student culture in Wroclaw with over 20 universities and 130,000 students. The city's universities offer plenty of opportunities for fun activities, so you're bound to meet a lot of friendly people.


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