How to Put a Sun Visor in Your Car

February 12, 2024

A functional sun visor in your car protects you and your passengers from distracting sunlight glare while driving. However, over time your sun visor can become loose and droop, making it difficult to use. Taking a few easy steps to fix a floppy sun visor can make driving safer for everyone in your vehicle.

First, remove any CDs or other items that may be hanging from your sun visors to free them up for repair. Next, unscrew all of the screws that hold the main assembly in place with a screwdriver. The plastic cover hides the location of these screws, so you’ll have to look for a slit running across the top surface and carefully insert your screwdriver in it. Be careful to not apply too much pressure, as forcing a screwdriver into a sun visor can cause the plastic to crack or break.

Once you have all the screws removed, you’ll be able to pull the visor straight out of the assembly. You may have to twist it slightly to clear any tabs that fasten it in place. Now take the replacement visor and slide its visor stem into the assembly, lining up any screw holes on this surface with those in the visor placement hole.

Some vehicles have swivel-mounted sun visors, which can be moved up and down or even rotated to block sunlight at varying angles. These types of visors can also become loose over time, and tightening their screws can help to prevent them from drooping or falling off completely. While it may seem insignificant, a floppy sun visor can easily distract you while driving and could lead to an accident. It is against the Highway Code to drive while dazzled by sunlight, so if you’re unable to use your sun visor, it’s important to fix it as soon as possible.


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