How to Put Car Covers on

February 6, 2024

A car cover helps keep dust particulate, bird droppings and rodent footprints off your car. It's important to install the cover correctly, otherwise it will blow away. A poorly installed cover is a waste of money. It can also damage your vehicle by catching dust and pollen.

To put your seal skin car cover on, start by unfolding the cover on the ground and finding the front tag. It will be either sewn or stamped to the inside of the cover. Most covers will have a back tag as well which you want to align to the rear of your vehicle. Place the car cover on your vehicle starting with the front and working towards the back, securing the cover to the bumper at each end. This prevents gaps that can trap wind and blow the cover away.

Ensure that your cover is properly fitted around protruding parts like your side mirrors, hitch and other accessories. Many covers have special "mirror pockets" that allow you to fold the cover around these protrusions safely. You can also use the nylon rope or cable lock system that comes with your cover for additional security if needed.

If your vehicle has recently been repainted you may not be able to safely use a cover until the paint has had 6 months to cure. The cover may cause the new paint to bubble and flake if covered before the recommended curing time. You can check with your painter or body shop for a recommended "cure" time.


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