How to Put Hydraulics on a Model Car

February 8, 2024

Model cars are a longstanding hobby for millions of people around the world. The hobby has grown to include remote control vehicles that are not only more fun but also more realistic in their movements. The hobby has also become more technologically advanced, with innovations like hydraulics becoming possible on model cars. If you want to add hydraulics to your car, it is important to know what you're getting into and how to do it correctly.

Start by securing the hydraulics to the chassis of your car. This can be done using screws (provided with the hydraulics) or with epoxy. Make sure you use a good quality epoxy to ensure the hydraulics will last. Next, connect the wires that complete the circuit to the hydraulics control box. You may want to use shorter wires to make your car bounce more, or longer wires to reduce the vibration.

Once the hydraulics are connected to the car, you can install the body. Remember to align the body to the chassis frame to avoid a loose fit. If the body is too far back, it will cause the hydraulics to droop and lose their functionality. You can also trim away flash (bits of material left over from the molding process) to get a better fit. Once the body is attached, it's important to test out your new hydraulics to see if they are functioning properly. If the hydraulics aren't working, you may need to replace them with a new set.


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