How to Raise Roads in Cities Skylines

June 14, 2023

In Cities Skylines, mastery of roads is a key skill for decongesting traffic and keeping the city moving. This is especially true when it comes to elevated and below ground roads, which allow cars to move more freely around the city by avoiding the congestion that can occur on regular ground paths. However, knowing how to raise and lower these roads can be a little tricky as the process isn’t exactly intuitive.

To raise roads you’ll need to select the road tool and choose a road type, which is usually done by selecting Straight, Curved, or Freeform. Once the road is outlined in blue you can start raising it by pressing the Page Up button on your keyboard. You can keep pressing this button to raise the road in increments up to the maximum height, or you can press the Page Down button to lower the road. Alternatively, you can navigate to Options and scroll to KeyMapping to see the keys that are currently assigned to changing the road’s elevation.

Additionally, you can also change how steep of an incline your raised road has by clicking on the bar next to the road types. This can be set to increments of three, six, or twelve meters. Remember, elevated roads require more Cells to maintain, meaning you’ll likely end up paying at least double what you’d pay for a standard Highway road. Additionally, one-way streets can be lowered or raised by clicking on the Upgrade Tool and changing their directional arrows.


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