How to Remotely Control a Car in GTA Online

December 26, 2023

There is nothing more exhilarating than driving a fast car, especially in a game like GTA. However, it can be dangerous to drive in a populated lobby with other players who are constantly at war and will likely fire at you. That is why the latest update to GTA Online has added a useful remote control device called the Remote Control Unit. This allows players to manually control their vehicle from outside of the driver’s seat and perform various sneak attacks without fear of retribution.

To activate the Remote Control Unit, GTA players must first open their Interaction Menu and select Inventory. Then, they need to scroll down until they find the option labelled RC Personal Vehicles. Once they click that, they will be able to remotely control any vehicle equipped with the Imani Tech upgrade. Only four vehicles can currently use this feature: the RC Bandito, a Brute, an Akula, and a Wraith.

Once the Remote Control Unit is activated, players will be able to use the controller’s directional pad to move their vehicle forward or backward. They can also use the shoulder buttons (L1 and R2) to speed up or slow down their vehicle’s movement. Similarly, pressing up on the directional pad will make the vehicle stop moving regardless of which type of controls they are using. Additionally, tapping any arrow on the controller will automatically change the direction of the vehicle. This can be used to avoid being hit by missiles and other obstacles.


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