How to Remove a Concrete Fence Post With a Car Jack

January 22, 2024

Yes, it is possible to remove a concrete fence post with a car jack. The key to this method is using a taller bumper jack than a traditional floor jack. This creates a much more powerful lever that can lift the post out of the ground with less effort. Despite this, the process can be dangerous, so it's important to take the appropriate safety measures.

Begin by digging around the post to expose the base. Then, use a shovel to loosen the soil around the post. This step is crucial, as it will help make it easier to lift the post out of the ground later on. It is also a good idea to check for underground utilities or irrigation systems before beginning the project to avoid damaging them.

Once you have loosened the ground, place the car jack under the post and slowly begin pumping it to raise it. Make sure to apply steady pressure and avoid any sudden movements that could damage the jack or the post. In addition, it's important to take breaks during the process to prevent overexertion and fatigue.

Once the jack has raised the post enough to be safely removed, lower it and use a pry bar to pull it free of the ground. Then, remove the post and dispose of it according to local regulations or repurpose it as needed. Overall, this is a simple and effective way to remove a buried concrete fence post.


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