How to Remove Gum From Car Seat

January 6, 2024

Getting gum out of your car seat can be difficult. It’s a job that not even professional car detailers have completely conquered, but there are some tried and true strategies for eliminating the sticky mess from your upholstery. These methods use either cold or heat to break down the bond between the gum and your seat’s fabric.

The first strategy is to apply ice to the chewing gum. You can wrap a small chunk of ice in a plastic bag, but putting it directly on the gum for a few minutes will also work. The idea is to freeze the gum and harden it so you can scrape it off.

If the ice doesn’t work, you can try applying some liquid degreaser. This is best for cloth and vinyl seats, but be careful to read the instructions carefully as some products can damage leather. A product like Goo Gone is often recommended as it’s safe to use on most fabrics, but again, test any cleaning products on a small patch of your upholstery before using them on the entire seat.

If you don’t have any degreaser, some experts recommend applying rubbing alcohol to the gum. This can be effective for a short amount of time, but if it doesn’t lift the gum, you may need to try one of the other methods. Another option is to apply some cooking oil to the gum, such as canola or vegetable. This will make the gum a little more slippery and easier to remove with a scraper or knife.


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