How to Remove Old Gas From Cars

February 16, 2024

When a car is sitting idle for months or even years, the gas inside will go bad. If you try to run this old gasoline through an engine, it will likely damage or ruin the internal components. It is possible to recondition older fuel, but it takes time and effort. In most cases, if the fuel has been sitting for six months or more it is best to just eat the cost of fresh gas and replace it. The easiest way to do this is to drain the old fuel out of the tank and then put in new gas.

To do this, the vehicle must be parked on a flat surface and completely cooled down. It is a good idea to have several containers, or pans, ready to catch the draining fuel. Also, make sure to have a fire extinguisher that is specific for gasoline on hand in case of a spill or fire.

The first step is to remove the gas cap and let the fuel drain out of the tank. This will take a while, as the fuel is very thick. Make sure the container you are using is large enough to contain all the drained fuel.

Some people suggest the old trick of sticking a hose down the tank and sucking the fuel out with your mouth, but this is dangerous and not recommended for anyone who does not have experience working on cars. There are professional tools made specifically for de-fueling and they are used in repair shops, but they are expensive.


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