How to Remove Paint From Car Bumper

November 9, 2023

While cars are built to be sturdy, it is not uncommon for them to get scuffed up on occasion. Aside from dents, dings, and scrapes caused by road debris or other drivers, there are also blemishes that can appear on a car’s bumper from paint transfer. This occurs when the paint on another vehicle or something else like a wall or sign jumps off and clings to your bumper during harsh contact. While some of the more severe blemishes may require a trip to the body shop, there are ways that you can remove paint from your car bumper yourself. These methods will save you hundreds of dollars versus taking your car in for an auto body repair.

The most straightforward way to remove paint from your car is to use a can of spray lubricant/rust remover like WD-40 and a foam cleaning pad, such as the Magic Eraser. The chemicals in WD-40 and similar sprays are meant to weaken the new paint’s bond with your bumper, allowing you to easily wipe it off. If you have trouble removing the scuff, apply more WD-40 to loosen the area and try again.

If a simple rub down with a rag and rubbing compound doesn’t work, you could try using a stripper. Just make sure you read the label carefully and test it out in a small area first (if you can’t find the paint to identify, you can always use a universal stripper). Once you’ve stripped the bumper down to the plastic, you can sand it and repaint it with whatever color you want.


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