How to Remove Pin Stripes From a Car

November 7, 2023

Whether you have painted pin stripes or vinyl ones, you'll want to remove them without damaging your car paint. Pin stripe removal isn't easy, but if done correctly it can be very quick and painless. In this article, we will talk about the two most common methods of removing pinstripes from your car while being very careful not to damage the paint.

Vinyl Pin Stripes

There are several ways to remove vinyl pin stripes from a car, but the most effective is using rubbing alcohol to loosen and pull off the striping. This method will also help you prevent any scratches or blemishes to your car's paint. Make sure to clean the area before starting and use masking tape to cover it up in order to avoid any accidental damage.

If you're having a hard time getting the vinyl pin stripes off, try using a heat gun to warm up the adhesive. Then use a plastic tool with a thin edge such as a credit card or driver's license to start peeling it off. You can also use a razor blade, but be very careful and apply very little pressure to avoid any damage.

For painted pin stripes, denatured or isopropyl alcohol will work well to remove the adhesive residue from your car's paint. You can also use a lacquer thinner, but be sure to test the product on an inconspicuous area of your car first to ensure that it won't cause any damage. After you've removed the adhesive, make sure to clean the area with quality car shampoo, scratch remover and apply a car wax to it.


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