How to Remove Skunk Smell From Car

October 28, 2023

Skunks are a pesky and smelly nuisance that no car owner wants to deal with. Their odor is overpowering and can be even more difficult to remove if it has been lingering for days. The good news is that there are several great methods for removing skunk smell from your car. Some of these methods include using a vinegar solution, placing bowls of charcoal in your vehicle, and using commercially prepared cleaning sprays or solutions. Leaving the windows open while these cleaning methods are used also allows the sunlight to help speed up the removal of the smell.

A mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baby shampoo is one of the most effective ways to remove skunk smell from your vehicle’s interior. Apply this solution to the areas of your vehicle that came in contact with skunk spray, allowing it to sit for 15 minutes before rinsing off thoroughly. The odor should be gone within 24 hours after this procedure is complete.

If you have leather seats, a solution of water and Murphy’s Oil Soap (according to the package directions) should be used instead of the vinegar and water. This cleaner contains lauramidopropylamine oxide and sodium tallate, which can counteract the oiliness of the skunk spray and help to remove the smell.

For the tires and any other areas of your vehicle that did not come in direct contact with the skunk spray, use a cleaning solution made of vinegar and liquid dish detergent to wash and scrub the area. This solution should be rinsed off with water and wiped dry with a cloth or towel.


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