How to Replant Trees in Animal Crossing New Horizons

June 15, 2023

One of the most important aspects of any Animal Crossing village is its collection of trees and flowers. These plants not only give off a nice aesthetic to the island, but they also provide vital resources for players. This includes wood, which can be used to build houses and furniture, as well as fruit that can be sold for a huge amount of bells (which are required to buy other island enhancements).

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, players can now transplant trees directly rather than having to chop them down and then plant them again. To do so, the player needs to eat a piece of fruit. Once the player has done this, they can dig up any full-grown tree and then place it in their inventory. From there, they can then choose to transplant it anywhere on the island — as long as it is not near water or a cliff.

Aside from this feature, many fans have been wondering if the trees and flowers grow back on their island after they have been moved or planted elsewhere. The short answer is yes, but it is not immediately obvious how to do so.

To replant a tree, simply look around for a golden glowing spot on the ground. These spots will appear throughout the village, and once you find one, dig it up using your shovel. Then, go to your inventory and select the sapling that is in there. Finally, select ‘Plant here’ to plant the sapling in the location that you have chosen.


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