How to Return a Car to Carvana After 7 Days

December 11, 2023

Carvana is one of those ideas that sounds really futuristic. If the writers of Back to the Future had been tasked with imagining Marty McFly buying a new car in 2020, they probably would have cooked up something like this.

The company aims to revolutionize the used car industry by making it possible for consumers to buy and trade cars entirely online, then have those vehicles delivered directly to their doorsteps. Customers can even use the service to find a vehicle and finance it at the same time, though it will require a credit inquiry (a soft one that won’t hurt their credit score).

Customers can choose from thousands of Carvana vehicles for sale. You can search by price, location, year and other features. The website also allows you to view a 360-degree view of the interior and exterior of a vehicle, as well as photos of any scratches or dings that might be visible. Each car must pass a 150-point inspection before it can be sold.

Unlike traditional dealerships, Carvana doesn’t offer test drives. Instead, it lets customers take a vehicle out for seven days and see how they like it before they decide to keep it or return it.

There are some issues with this policy, however. Some consumers complain that Carvana’s 7 day return policy doesn’t start until the vehicle is delivered to their home, not when they order it. Others have run into problems when they try to return a car that has been financed with outside financing, which is not allowed by Carvana’s terms. In such cases, the Carvana customer may need to pay off their loan in order to get a refund.


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