How to Ship a Car Seat

March 20, 2024

Whether you're giving an outgrown car seat as a gift or selling one online, knowing how to ship a car seat is important. Car seats are large, bulky items that need to be properly packaged to ensure they arrive in good condition.

First, be sure the car seat is FAA-approved for use on airplanes. This will be indicated on a sticker that's typically placed on the car seat itself (infant, convertible, and booster seats have this sticker; all-in-ones and combination seats in boost mode don't). You should verify this before heading to the airport and check airline policies regarding taking them aboard.

It's best to pack the car seat in its original box if it still has one, or if that isn't available, a sturdy shipping box will do. Ensure the box is a size that matches the car seat and fill any empty spaces with packing materials to prevent movement during transit. It's also a good idea to add some cushioning on top of the seat, especially in the event it falls during transit.

If you're in need of a suitable-sized box, consider asking local department stores if they have any discarded car seat boxes they don't need. If not, you can find new boxes at any stationery, hardware, or storage store. You can also book a courier delivery with Eurosender and have your car seat shipped directly to the recipient's doorstep in Europe. The best part is that the service is incredibly affordable.


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