How to Solo Tortos in WoW

June 14, 2023

Tortos is the fourth boss of the instance, a giant turtle that fights a lot of adds. It’s a fun encounter with an interesting mechanic, but it’s also very challenging.

The main challenge in the fight is that it’s extremely easy to get overwhelmed by all of the adds, and you need a large raid to be successful. Defeating the boss is fairly straightforward, however, and once you’ve done that your raid will be ready to move on to the final fight of the instance: Megaera.

In the video below, we’ll show you how to solo this encounter. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know to do this, and we’ll even include some tips and tricks to make the battle go smoothly.

The main tip is to be prepared for every single bat wave. You’ll want to make sure you have avengers shield up for all of the waves, and we recommend using holy prism and holy wrath (concentration and HOTR affter) as well to get good dmg boost for the whole fight. It’s also a good idea to stand on the side of the boss when possible, so you don’t get too far from adds when they come in. This makes tanking much easier, and it also reduces the amount of damage you’ll take as the adds explode. The other important thing is to use your defensive abilities as often as possible. The boss can hit hard, and it’s a good idea to avoid getting knocked out of the shell, as that will result in a lot of wasted damage.


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