How to Stay Healthy Living in Oklahoma

January 12, 2024

Oklahoma is home to rolling hills, extensive forests, and prairies that offer diverse and interesting landscapes. Even with the unpredictable weather patterns, the Sooner State provides a perfect setting for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Besides, you're in the south, which means plenty of sunshine year round, encouraging you to be more active.

Whether you live in urban areas like Oklahoma City or charming small towns like Davis, you will find plenty of opportunities to prioritize your well-being in everyday activities.

This post shows you simple and fun ways to stay healthy while living in Oklahoma.

Get Outside

Oklahoma has stunning outdoors. We're talking about intense natural beauty characterized by mountainous backdrops, forests, grasslands, and small but numerous water bodies across the state.

The highly inviting outdoors makes it easier to stay physically active.

As is well known, physical activity is crucial for general well-being. For an adult, it's recommended to maintain at least 150 minutes of aerobic activities per week.

That doesn't require anything crazy, like going from zero to powerlifting or running marathons.

Experts recommend moderate-intensity aerobic activities, and that means anything that gets your heart rate going. Here are a few activities the Oklahoma Outdoors offers to help you stay active.

Hitting Trails

Oklahoma City has a number of interconnected trails featuring beautiful views of the city. These are multi-use trails spanning more than 80 miles for biking, hiking, jogging, etc.

Outside the cities, you will find even more trail systems in state parks and the Ozarks and Wichita Mountains wilderness.


Oklahoma's rugged landscape provides numerous rock climbing opportunities for all skill levels. If you're a climber, you shouldn't have trouble finding rock faces that accommodate your experience. For newbies, climbing gyms throughout the state make the activity safe and fun.


The Keystone State may be landlocked, but it still boasts many lakes, rivers, and reservoirs offering water activities. Regardless of where you are in the state, you will find a water body near you that is popular for swimming and paddling.

Eat Nutritious Food

Poor nutrition has a severe effect on your health as it increases the risk of being overweight. It's also a risk factor for health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and cancer.

Living in Oklahoma can help you steer towards healthy eating. As an agriculturally rich state, OK ranks 27th nationally, which makes it easy to eat fresh-from-the-farm produce.

Take advantage of the agricultural bounty by embracing whole foods and eliminating processed foods.

These tips will help you eat healthy:

  • Buy fresh produce in farmers' markets instead of grocery stores. With grocery stores, you cannot tell how long the produce has been sitting on the shelves.
  • Learn to prepare your own meals, as that gives you control over ingredients.
  • Make your diet rich in vegetables and fruits, as they are packed with everything your body needs.
  • Drink water in plenty and replace sugary drinks like soda with fresh juice that doesn't contain sweeteners or preservatives.

Seek Routine Checkups

A healthy lifestyle involves monitoring your overall well-being as a preventive measure. Get in the habit of going for routine checkups to keep tabs on your health and detect potential issues early.

Oklahoma has a stellar healthcare system, with world-class medical facilities and mental health programs you can take advantage of to keep track of your health.

Get Quality Sleep

Like food, sleep is crucial to proper bodily function. Getting quality sleep every night allows your body to restore energy reserves, repair cells, and flush out waste and toxins.

If you're sleep-deprived, your body will struggle to function properly. Poor sleep also increases the risk of hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and mental illness like depression.

These tips will help you get quality sleep for long-term wellness:

Try Herbs

Since herbs are a safer alternative to medications, you could use them instead of pills. A perfect example is cannabis, which is legal in Oklahoma for medical use.

An Oklahoma medical marijuana doctor will get you started on the path to legal access.

Have a Nighttime Routine

Come up with a bedtime routine that promotes relaxation and eliminates disruptions like electronic devices.

Avoid Disruptive Substances

Avoid alcohol, smoking, and caffeine in the evening, as they negatively affect your sleep.

Final Takeaway

You can live a healthy lifestyle in Oklahoma by having a proactive approach to health and wellness. The state already offers an ideal environment that can support your wellness journey and help you thrive.

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