How to Stop Cats Climbing on Cars

January 21, 2024

Cats are adorable, low maintenance pets but one of their biggest drawbacks is they love to sleep on cars. This can not only damage your vehicle but it can also lead to them being injured or even killed if they fall off. There are several ways to stop cats climbing on your car including sprays, herbs, and motion-activated deterrents. These quick fixes will not only protect your car but they can also help save a cat’s life.

A good place to start is with simple preventative measures such as trimming their nails and spraying the area around the car with a repellent. These inexpensive solutions will not only discourage the cat from climbing on your car but they may also prevent them from scratching it too.

Another option is to use a motion-activated light. When the lights are activated they will emit high-pitched noises that the cat hates and it will deter them from coming near your car. If you are not comfortable with using a motion-activated light or don’t have the budget for it, simply pointing a flashlight at your car will work too.

If the problem persists you can try giving them an alternative to your car such as a ledge in a tree or a cardboard box. This can be a time-consuming solution but it will take a few attempts for them to learn that they no longer have access to your car. Another easy and quick way to deter them is by putting out a rubber Cat Scat Mat from Homarden. This device is made of soft rubber that will not damage any surface but when a cat tries to climb over it the mat will generate a static shock which will deter them. It comes in a pack of 10 16’’ x 13’’ mats that are easy to lay out on the roof or bonnet of your vehicle.


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