How to Tell If a Car is All Wheel Drive

February 5, 2024

The type of drivetrain your car has makes a difference in how it performs on slippery surfaces. If your vehicle has all wheel drive, the power will be distributed to all four wheels. This gives your car better traction in bad weather conditions.

Figuring out what type of drivetrain your vehicle has is important if you want to get your car towed or are doing some basic auto maintenance. Having this information can also help you make a decision when purchasing parts.

There are a few different ways to tell if your car is all wheel drive. The easiest is to look at the VIN number on your vehicle. This number is unique to each car and can pull up a lot of information about the vehicle including past owners, accident reports, and even features.

Another way to find out what type of drivetrain your vehicle has it by looking at the engine. If the engine is transversely mounted, it is likely front-wheel drive. If the engine is longitudinally mounted, it is probably rear-wheel drive.

You can also check under the vehicle for the differential. AWD vehicles will have a front and rear differential, while FWD and RWD cars will only have one differential. This is because AWD allows for more power to be sent to the back wheels if needed. This is why many people prefer AWD over RWD. If you’re still not sure, you can always call a dealership or used car lot that sold the vehicle to you. They will have the records from that sale and be able to tell you what drivetrain your vehicle has.


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