How to Tow a Car Without Tow Hooks

February 21, 2024

Not all vehicles come with tow hooks, especially older models. While some may have a designated towing point, these points may not be strong enough for the tow vehicle’s capacity or able to handle a large amount of stress. Towing a car without tow hooks can be dangerous and damaging for both vehicles involved.

A common method for towing a car without tow hooks involves using the flatbed of another car, usually a pickup truck or SUV. These towing vehicles are designed with a stronger frame and can safely haul a larger amount of weight. Using a flatbed can be more efficient than winching the car onto a trailer and is much safer than pulling a broken-down vehicle by its front or rear axles.

Towing a car by its axles requires a large towing strap and can damage the suspension on both the towing and towed vehicles. It is also unsafe and illegal in many jurisdictions. Instead, it is recommended to find a sturdy point on the vehicle’s frame to attach the tow strap. This can include a strong point on the chassis or a bolt hole near a jack.

Another option is to use a recovery hitch on the tow vehicle, which can often be attached directly to a vehicle’s frame without needing a tow hook. These hitches often feature a built-in shackle or D-ring to accommodate the tow strap. Some vehicles, such as compact and mini cars, may not have a tow hitch. However, it is important to check the vehicle’s owner’s manual for specific guidelines.


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