How to Trick a Car Wash Change Machine

March 3, 2024

There are plenty of ways for people to rip off self-service car wash owners, from hacking their change machines for free credit to even stealing money from the coin vault. The latter is a big no-no as it is basically stealing at the expense of other customers. While these methods of ripping off car wash owners do exist, they aren’t as common as you might think.

For example, some people would try to rig the coin acceptor of the car wash change machine by taping a magnet on it repeatedly. This causes the machine to keep giving them credits for car washing. Other times, they would take the coin vault keys and try to open it. If they are lucky, they might get a chance to open it and steal the cash inside.

A car wash owner could fix these problems by being more attentive or even replacing the machine altogether. Having the right kind of payment device is also a must for a successful business. Having a standard bill changer that can dispense coins, tokens and bills is the way to go, as it can help insure the profitability of your car wash.

It is important to note that these methods of ripping off car wash owners are not only illegal, but they also can be dangerous. For example, if someone were to use the car wash coin vault trick with a high voltage magnet, they might end up damaging the equipment and hurting themselves.


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