How to Turn Off Air Recirculation in Car

February 1, 2024

The air recirculation button – usually represented by a circular icon that looks like an arrow rotating in a circle – is a handy feature when you're trying to cool your car down during a heatwave. The button recirculates air that's already inside your cabin rather than pulling in fresh outside air, which can help it get cooler quicker. However, it's important to know when to use and when to avoid this button.

One downside of the air recirculation mode is that it traps humidity inside your cabin, which can lead to misted windscreens, particularly in winter and wet weather. If your windows are misting up, the best thing to do is roll down a window and turn off your recirculation button, according to Eden Tyres and Servicing.

Another time to consider turning off recirculation is when you're driving in areas with poor air quality, such as traffic jams or bad-smelling odours. As you can imagine, breathing recycled cabin air for extended periods saps the body of oxygen and fills it with second-hand carbon dioxide, which can make drivers feel groggy and drowsy after a while behind the wheel.

Additionally, using the recirculation button in the winter can lead to foggy windows, as it recirculates the warm air and moisture trapped inside your cabin. The best way to deal with this is by switching the AC to "Fresh Air" mode, which forces all cold outside air through your heater core first so it's toasty and de-fogged before it reaches you.


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