How to Turn Off the Reverse Sound in Car

February 13, 2024

You might have noticed that your car makes a whine sound when you put it into reverse. In most cases, the noise comes from a simple issue that can be fixed with minimal effort. One of the most common causes is the presence of a small metal part between the rotor and the brake pads. It can also occur if you do not replace the anti-rattle chips while changing your brakes. Another cause is that the disc brake caliper is not tight enough.

The reason you hear a whine when your car is in reverse is because of the gears. The three gears used in reverse are spur gears, which have straight teeth and don’t mesh as smoothly as the helical gears used in forward speeds. Each time a spur gear tooth contacts another, it creates a little mechanical jolt that adds up to the familiar whine of a car in reverse.

There are several ways to disable the reverse sound in your car, but you will need to have a little technical knowledge and a good set of tools. You can disconnect the speaker that emits the sound, but you will need to remove a fiber protective shield from underneath the vehicle and possibly remove the wheel if you are going to do so. This is not a recommended method and you could potentially damage your car.

You can also turn off the repeated chime that plays when you shift into reverse. This can only be done at a dealer and probably through an OBDII tool, but it will stop the annoying repeating noise. This is actually meant to be a safety feature that warns pedestrians that the car is approaching.


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