How to Unlock Car With Dead Battery

October 24, 2023

The days of struggling with your key in a dark, foggy night are over thanks to modern keyless entry and push-button start systems. But sometimes even these advanced systems fail you. We’ve all been there, rushing out after work to grab groceries and then hurrying back in for dinner before the kids are home – only to find that your car’s door isn’t unlocking and you can’t start it either.

The good news is that car manufacturers have put safeguards in place for this exact situation. Most modern key fobs come with a mechanical metal backup key that you can use to open the driver’s door when the electronic features of the fob stop working. Usually, the back or side of the key fob has a little release button that when pressed exposes the metal keyhole.

You can also try a quick solution for this scenario by using a coat hanger and hook. Slide the hook through a small gap between the bottom of the driver’s door handle and the window frame. It takes a bit of patience but it works.

For those with a more complicated situation, you can try using jumper cables to connect your car’s starter solenoid to a power source. However, this is a process that should only be undertaken by someone who has knowledge of how to properly handle and store jumper cables. Unsafe handling of jumper cables can be dangerous and could damage your vehicle.


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