How to Unplug Tesla Charger: Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide

July 9, 2024

Encountering issues when trying to remove the charger from your Tesla's charge port can be fairly common, especially if the car is locked. To understand how to unplug Tesla charger properly, follow these steps for a seamless experience.

Steps to Remove the Charger from Your Tesla

The main reason why the charger may feel stuck is due to the car being locked. To successfully remove the charger, you must unlock the vehicle first. Here's a quick guide:

1. Ensure the vehicle is unlocked.
2. Once unlocked, click the button on the charger.
3. Wait for approximately one second before pulling the charger out.

Additional Tips to Unplug Tesla Charger

Beyond the basic steps, here are additional tips to help you unplug your Tesla charger effortlessly, should the standard method fail:

  • Use the Tesla app: It has a charging shortcut which includes an option to unlock the charge port.
  • Refer to the physical button on the charging cable if you are using the standard Tesla charger.

Following these steps will help prevent any potential damage or safety issues when disconnecting the charging cable.

Alternative Methods for Disconnecting 3rd Party Chargers

Disengaging third-party chargers, especially those used in Europe like the Type 2 chargers, can also be straightforward without necessarily using the app. For Tesla Model S owners, there is usually a button on top of the charger to stop charging. This button can provide a more convenient and efficient way to disconnect the charger compared to using the app or tapping on the touchscreen.

Setting out a better method to disengage chargers offers improved user experience, particularly addressing any challenges or inconveniences that may be faced when trying to stop charging. Such features are vital in enhancing the overall practicality and usability for Tesla owners.

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