How to Use an Iron Remover on Your Car

February 27, 2024

Iron contaminants, also known as industrial fallout and brake dust, can cause rust-like specs in your car's paint. Regular car shampoos work well for everyday dirt, but if you want to get rid of those heavy contaminants that bind themselves to your clear coat, you'll need an iron remover or decontaminant. These products are designed to release iron contamination from the surface of your car, and they typically have a purple color that changes when the product reacts with the iron. This is a visual indicator that the iron fallout remover is working, so you can be sure your car is clean and ready for further surface detailing.

How to Use an Iron Remover on your Car

There are two stages of decontamination: chemical and physical. While physical decontamination is a process that requires the use of a clay bar, chemical decontamination is accomplished by using an iron remover. This product works to loosen up and dissolve the bonded contaminants in your clear coat, making them easier to wipe away with a microfiber towel.

Our Torque Detail Iron Destroyer is an excellent choice for the chemical decontamination of your vehicle. It's easy to use - simply spray it on your car and let it sit for four to five minutes, or until it turns purple, and then rinse it off. This product will leave your car feeling smooth and slick and prepare it for further surface detailing, such as waxing, sealing or claying.


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