How to Use Construction Robots in Factorio

March 22, 2024

Robots are powerful tools for speeding up construction and logistics operations in factorio. However, utilizing them effectively requires thorough study and careful resource and power management. In particular, running robots consume a considerable amount of energy, and players must ensure their factories have the capacity to produce enough power to support their use of robotics. For this reason, players may choose to employ conveyor belts for many of their transport and construction tasks over relying mainly on robots.

To use construction robots, players must place a personal roboport in their equipped armor or spidertron and activate it with the corresponding keyboard shortcut. The roboport emits an orange logistic coverage zone in which logistic robots can interact with the logistic network, including storage chests and requester chests, and a green construction zone within which only construction robots can build or repair structures. When a personal roboport is empty, it automatically moves to another roboport to recharge.

Personal roboports can also be used to control circuit networks that can automate and regulate various aspects of the factory. For example, a circuit network that is programmed to identify and destroy undesirable structures can be picked up from the hotbar and dragged over such structures; construction robots will then swoop over them, tearing down the unwanted structure. This can be helpful for addressing outdated structures and correcting errors.


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