Is a Project Manager Higher Than a Superintendent in Construction?

February 28, 2024

As long as people continue to need houses, buildings, roads and freeways, there will be a need for construction superintendents. While many believe that a project manager is higher than a superintendent in construction, the two positions have different functions.

While both construction managers and superintendents are responsible for ensuring that all aspects of a project are handled professionally and completed on time, the role of the superintendent is more focused on the physical aspects of building projects. They spend the majority of their work outdoors at construction sites, overseeing workers as they complete tasks on building projects. As a result, superintendents often have physically demanding jobs.

Superintendents are also responsible for establishing project goals and creating accountability, which requires strong leadership skills. They must also be able to strategically delegate tasks, as well as assess which team members are best suited to handle particular duties. Successful superintendents are masters at planning and executing projects efficiently, while also ensuring that all work meets building codes and established safety standards.

A superintendent should have knowledge of a wide variety of construction techniques and procedures. They should also be able to read and interpret blueprints and CAD drawings, as well as understand the responsibilities of contractors and other subcontractors. Additionally, a superintendent should be familiar with construction productivity software that can help them track project progress and meet deadlines.

A project manager is typically responsible for bidding out projects, negotiating with contractors and workers, hiring subcontractors and ensuring that all required permits and licenses are obtained. A construction project manager should have strong communication skills and be able to create a plan of action that addresses issues as they arise. They should also be able to create and maintain project schedules, as well as budget for a job.


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