KCH Transportation

August 9, 2023

KCH Transportation provides advanced technology-driven domestic transportation solutions that cater to the demands of virtually any freight category. Whether you need to ship full truckloads, LTL, intermodal or have a unique requirement, we deliver results with white-glove service that centers on your priorities.

Long-distance transport along microtubules (MTs) requires antagonistic motor proteins, kinesin and dynein, to target cargo for minus and plus end directed movements respectively. The identity of dyneins responsible for MT transport in plants remains unclear as genes encoding cytoplasmic dynein are missing from most plant genomes. Here, we show that a subclass of the highly duplicated kinesin-14 family, KCH (kinesin with calponin homology domain), drives MT minus end-directed nuclear transport in the moss Physcomitrella patens.

We identified NtKCH as a minus end-directed protein based on its ability to accumulate at the cell tip and its binding to actin fragments. Oblique illumination fluorescence microscopy shows that NtKCH molecules cluster around a central region of the cell and move at similar speeds to MT plus ends in the tip cortex, as measured by a live-cell imaging system. NtKCH also contains an uncharacterized C-terminal extension not present in other kinesin-14-II-V families, suggesting that it might serve as an additional MT or actin interaction interface.

Founded in Chattanooga, TN, KCH is a robust 3PL with complementing asset-based carrier partners to ensure capacity for your critical shipments. They offer a variety of services to optimize your supply chain, from quoting to booking to delivery. With real-time tracking and reporting, you’ll no longer have to juggle multiple spreadsheets to track your product. Instead, you can see the progress of your shipments in one easy-to-use portal.


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