Knocking Noise When Braking: Top Causes and Solutions

July 9, 2024

Two Causes of Brake Noise

Experiencing brake noise can be unsettling, especially when it's a knocking noise when braking. Understanding the various causes of brake noise can help you diagnose and fix the issue more effectively. Below are two common causes of brake noise and how to address them.

Brake noise causes

A Metallic Click When Moving Forward

One of the common causes of brake noise is a metallic click when applying the brakes while the vehicle is moving forward. This issue often arises due to small spring clips that have been installed incorrectly on the brake pads, leading to a gap between the pads and brackets. To diagnose this problem, it is crucial to inspect the pad/bracket assembly and check how the pad ends are being held against the bracket.

Brake pad and bracket assembly

A Loud Clunking Sound Over Rough Roads

Another cause of brake noise is a loud clunking sound when driving over rough roads or on the highway. This noise can be attributed to worn holes in the caliper brackets, which allow the caliper sliding pins to become sloppy and bang around. Lifting a wheel off the ground and shaking it can help diagnose this problem. If a noise is detected, replacing the caliper brackets can completely resolve the clunking issue.

Caliper brackets

Knocking Noise When Braking

Knocking noise when braking, especially from the front end, might indicate issues within the brakes or suspension components. The primary culprits often include worn tie rods, stabilizer links, or caliper brackets that need tightening. Ignoring such noises can lead to further damage to the vehicle. Make sure to inspect and maintain these components regularly to avoid costly repairs and ensure your car’s performance and safety.

Brake inspection

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