Living at 6 Grapevine Rd Danvers MA 02110

February 11, 2023

6 grapevine rd danvers ma

A-OK affluent neighbors and a plethora of high quality boutiques and restaurants, this classic colonial on the cusp of Danvers has long been a destination for discerning homebuyers. It's got a nice layout, a well appointed kitchen and a tidy backyard with side yards to boot! It also gets the top notch honors as one of the most walkable neighborhoods in town, thanks to an extensive network of dedicated pedestrian walkways. A surprisingly large and very friendly community, residents enjoy a good life while remaining plugged in and on the go. The aforementioned marvels have their perks and draw some of the best schools in the state, notably the Hamilton-Wenham Schools (HWS). A well-connected, and highly supportive community, HWS is the glue that holds this gem together!


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