Maze Tower Guide - How to Get to the Top of Maze Tower

June 14, 2023

Maze tower is one of the tallest buildings in the HD Universe recreation of Los Santos. It’s the highest point in the city, offering a stunning view of all its surroundings. Reaching its roof is not easy, however, since the building doesn’t have any stairways or elevators.

The best way to get up there is by using a parachute, which players can equip by visiting Ammunation. It unlocks at level 11, and it’ll deploy automatically whenever you jump off a high platform or ledge in the game. Just press square (PS4) or X (Xbox One). Players can also buy an Atomic Blimp from Franklin’s in-game app, which will take them to the right altitude.

Alternatively, players can simply fly a plane to the vicinity of the building and then jump out. But this method is quite risky, as the LSPD may notice your presence and attempt to catch you. And if you’re not lucky enough to land in the safe zone, you might end up dying on impact.

The other option is to purchase the Maze Bank Tower executive office, which will grant you access to its roof and helipad. It’s not the most affordable option, though. But it’s still an excellent way to get up there if you’re willing to put in the effort.


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