Molina Transportation Phone Number

August 9, 2023

Molina provides non-emergency medical transportation, as well as transportation to food banks, pantries and grocery stores for members in need. In addition, the company provides food vouchers to help members purchase healthy foods. Members must call ahead at least 3 days before their appointment to schedule a ride.

Those interested in learning more about molina transportation phone number should visit the company’s website. It features helpful enrollment and member information in seven languages. The website also offers an informative FAQ section and links to useful resources. In addition, Molina operates health clinics with bilingual staff and doctors that offer accessible healthcare to its members.

Molina also offers Medicaid plans that can help members make the transition from marketplace plans to integrated Medicare and Medicaid health care services easier. These plans are designed to help members keep their regular healthcare providers and local medical clinics, while helping them manage the cost of healthcare. Molina’s unique plan design and focus on member satisfaction have made it a leader in the health insurance industry.


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