My Car Only Blows Hot Air When I'm Driving

November 11, 2023

My car only blows hot air when i'm driving

It's one of those scorching Ottawa days where you can't wait to get back into your cool, air-conditioned vehicle. But when you turn the AC on, all that happens is a blast of hot air hits your face. What gives?

This is a frustrating and common issue that many car owners experience. It can be caused by a number of issues, which we'll explore in this article.

One possibility is that your heater core is only partially blocked. The heater core heats up the air that's blown into your car's cabin. If it's only partially blocked, the heat will work when you're driving because the engine and fan are helping circulate the air. To check if this is the issue, start your car and let it run for about 10 minutes. Then shut it off and feel the hoses that connect to the radiator. One should be warm and the other should be cold.

Another possible problem is that your recirculating blower motor isn't working properly. This is the motor that pulls in air from outside of your car and recirculates it through your climate control system. It's important that this motor is working correctly to ensure that the air from your climate control system is actually recirculating throughout your vehicle. If the recirculation motor isn't working, your air conditioning system will have to draw in fresh air from outside of your car which can make it feel hot and humid.


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