My Summer Car - How to Drive the Van

October 20, 2023

My Summer Car is one of the most rewarding and harrowing in-game driving experiences available. It requires a basic skillset that used to be commonplace but has largely disappeared with the rise of automatic transmissions – manual transmission driving. This article aims to help players master that basic skillet, and get the most out of their summer car.

How to drive the van

The player can get behind the wheel of a blue van called Hayosiko when they reach a certain in-game age. The van belongs to their uncle who lives next door, and the game’s parents tell them that they can borrow it whenever. However, the van is rarely seen and can sometimes disappear after a few in-game weeks.

To operate the van, players must click (don’t hold) on the IGNITION button to start it and allow its glow plugs to heat up. Once they’re warm, the engine can be cranked immediately without waiting (12 seconds while waiting, 5 seconds while cranking).

Driving the van presents its own challenges. It’s top heavy and has a soft suspension, making it susceptible to flipping at sharp turns. Its maximum speed is 80km/h, and exceeding that will result in the player being ticketed at a police checkpoint. Additionally, the van does not have ABS so heavy braking will cause the front wheels to lock and temporarily unresponsive to steering input for a split second.

Fortunately, there are a few tricks to help players overcome these issues. For example, the player can map their left stick up motion to be a clutch input by turning on H-shifter in the game’s settings. This allows them to shift and brake with the same hand, allowing them to make quick upshifts and downshifts without losing control of the steering.


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