My Summer Car - How to Use the Sauna in My Summer Car

January 20, 2024

MY SUMMER CAR is a car building, fixing, tuning, maintenance and permadeath survival simulator in development by Amistech Games.[1] The game is currently in early access, and has been praised for its attention to detail. A small error can be fatal, whether it's forgetting to tighten brake linings or forgetting to bolt wheels properly.

A sauna is a key part of Finnish culture, and the game has two to use for reducing the player's stress level. Entering the sauna reduces the player's stress level, while stepping out of the sauna causes it to rapidly decrease. The sauna must be heated up to use. The best way to do this is to get a bucket of water, and place it under the tap in the shower room or kitchen (there are only two taps available at a time). After that, head dead straight through the laundry room and enter the sauna. Crouch down and turn both the sauna thermostat and stove timer dials to the maximum. Once the dials are turned on, close the sauna door and wait several real-time minutes until the thermometer shows the sauna is at temperature.

Once the sauna is at temperature, climb onto the top bench and equip the dipper. Use the left button to dip it into the bucket, and then use the right button to throw it on the sauna stove. The aiming dot isn't shown, so it's mostly trial and error to figure out where the splash should go. Repeat the process until your stress level has dropped to zero.


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