Next Level Chef - Where Is It Filmed?

March 30, 2023

Where Is Next Level Chef Filmed

All-time favorite chef Gordon Ramsay has launched his own cooking competition show, Next Level Chef, on Fox. He’s a food icon and is known for his hit shows like MasterChef (opens in new tab) and Hell’s Kitchen (opens in new tab).

The show takes a unique approach to reality cooking. It combines cooking challenges, elimination rounds, and a platform of ingredients that rises and falls through three different levels of the set.

There are 12 contestants on Next Level Chef, and they’re split into three teams led by three mentors: Ramsay, Nyesha Arrington and Richard Blais. Each team will cook in a different kitchen on the set.

Each episode will feature a number of challenges: In each challenge, the teams will compete against each other and cook a variety of dishes. At the end of each challenge, one team will be named the winner.

During the challenge, each mentor will hand out an immunity pin to the team member who cooked the best dish. If a team member is chosen for a head-to-head challenge later in the season, they can turn in the pin, which forces their mentor to choose another team member.

After each challenge, each team will be assigned a kitchen to use. The top team will get to use the top kitchen layer, while the bottom team will get to work in the basement.

The top level kitchen is an incredible place to watch these talented chefs battle it out. It’s also a unique place to work, as the chefs have access to a massive kitchen space that’s 50 feet high and can be divided into three separate areas. The ingredients they use will be on a platform that rises and falls through the structure, meaning that they can use the ingredients that are most appropriate for their dish.


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