Norristown Transportation Center - NHSL

August 9, 2023

The Norristown Transportation Center is a multimodal public transportation regional hub. It is located at 93 Schuylkill Avenue & DeKalb Street in Norristown, Pennsylvania and is operated by SEPTA. The station serves the Norristown High Speed Line (route 100) and other SEPTA buses. It is the terminus of the Norristown High Speed Line, which connects the station with downtown Philadelphia. It was constructed in 1989, and integrated the former Reading Company's DeKalb Street Norristown railroad station into its design. The station also features a commemorative plaque for the dismantled segment of the former Philadelphia and Western Railroad trestle that once ran here.

The parking garage at this location is supposed to open at 5:30 am but recently employees have not arrived until about 5:45 am which means that if you need to drive in and park to catch the first Regional Rail train that departs at about 5:53 am it can be tight from a timing perspective. Also the local cabs that operate out of this location are all pretty bad. They are expensive, poorly run and have terrible service. So most people use Germantown Taxi if they need to get out of there during the daytime. At night or early mornings if they are taking the first Route 100 bus or the last NHSL train they use hacks.

To ride the bus to Norristown Transportation Center - NHSL, you will need a SEPTA Key Card. The Key Card is a digital "Travel Wallet" that holds your passes, transfers and cash. You can load your Wallet with monthly or weekly TrailPasses, TransPasses or a One Day FleX Pass. To pay for your ride, just tap your card on a validator turnstile at the station or in front of the driver when you board. Then, tap out as you exit the vehicle at the end of your trip.


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