North Carolina Transportation Museum

August 9, 2023

North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC

Located on the site of the Southern Railway's largest locomotive repair facility, this massive museum boasts the state's largest collection of rail artifacts. Highlights include the roundhouse, exhibit buildings, Barber Junction Depot, turntable, and parking lots. In 2005, the Back Shop underwent a massive renovation, including repairs to the roof, re-pointing of the brick, and stabilization of the floor. This is the building where full overhaul of steam locomotives once took place, and it may be most notable for its words, "Be Careful," standing some three feet tall and visible from nearly anywhere on the museum grounds.

The museum also displays antique cars, fire trucks, and a restored Wright Flyer. Exhibits like the Master Mechanic's Office and the Flue Shop provide a look at railroading and automotive history. The Bob Julian Roundhouse features steam and diesel locomotives, cabooses, and passenger rail cars. The museum's narrated train ride offers visitors the chance to view all of the 60-acres of historic buildings and facilities on the grounds.

Special themed events and activities are held at the museum throughout the year. For example, the Easter Bunny Train takes place over a few days around Easter. For those who love Halloween, there is a train ride with trick or treating and a haunted house. The Thanksgiving and Christmas train rides are also popular, with special decorations, food, and treats. Birthdays can be celebrated in an authentic train caboose as well.


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