Plaunt Transportation

August 9, 2023

For 90 years, people living or vacationing on Bois Blanc Island have relied on Plaunt Transportation to get them and their cars back and forth from the island and the mainland. Company owner Curt Plaunt says he's made about 50,000 trips in that time.

The company carries people, mail and even vehicles across Lake Huron between Cheboygan and Bois Blanc Island. Charles Plaunt started the business in 1932, with his son Ray taking over in 1948 and then his brother Curt in 1987. The family has also kept with tradition, naming the boats after women in the family. The current boat, the Kristen D, is named after Curt's daughter.

A ferry company that takes people and their cars to the beautiful and serene Bois Blanc Island in Michigan. Located in Cheboygan, this is the only ferry that provides service to this remote, undeveloped and beautiful island.

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