Pokemon Guide - Mt Chimney in Verdanturf

March 30, 2023

Where Is Mt Chimney

Despite the volcano's apparent location, ash from it rains down to Route 113 to the north. A man in Verdanturf Town states that this is a natural phenomenon, because it is the direction of the wind that blows waves and flowers.

The Path to the Top

To get to the top of Mt. Chimney, you must first enter Fiery Path through Route 112 and then travel on to the cable car terminal to ride the Cable Car up to the summit of the volcano. When you reach the peak, you can choose to walk up the short path to the magma crater or take Jagged Pass down the south side of the mountain, an arduous trek littered with ledges, mountainous foliage and ash-covered grass that conceals wild Pokemon.

Team Aqua & Team Magma Grunts

After exiting the cable car, you'll see two teams of Grunts engaged in a battle across the volcano's top. They are both trying to stop you from regaining access to the mountain's summit, but most of them are too busy fighting to notice you.

A Team Aqua Leader pinned down by three of the rival team's Grunts will call you to take on his opponent. Defeat him, and then the rival Team's Leader will give up his plans to try and steal Mt. Chimney's Meteorite, which he has stolen in the past.

After defeating the Leader, you'll find that Mt. Chimney is no longer influenced by villainous influence. If you want, you can re-battle the Trainers in the area, or wander over to an old lady to buy Lava Cookies from her.


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