Reid Transportation

August 9, 2023

Reid transportation started in a modest manner with only one truck, but the promoters were quite ambitious from day 1 & they wanted to build a massive transportation service provider. Today, the company has more than 70 trucks in its fleet & carries out commendable transportation services for a wide range of shippers. They are well-known for their exemplary FTL services, but they also offer LTL carriage service for customers who have smaller consignments to send.

Reid State Technical College offers a comprehensive vocational training in the core area of Commercial Truck Driving. The program is designed to meet the occupational skill requirements of the United States Department of Transportation & the Federal Highway Administration. In addition, the school arranges regular training programs for its drivers to keep them updated on the latest practices in trucking & safe driving.

When it comes to shipping your freight, a lot of things affect individual spot rates. That’s why reid transportation uses innovative approaches that bring data analytics to the freight pricing industry, creating lasting improvements and providing sound freight pricing strategies for Anderson Trucking Service customers across industries. Their goal is to create lasting company-wide changes that bring value to customers and provide a competitive edge in the transportation sector. This is what drives them to continue implementing new tools & techniques to improve the business for everyone. For instance, they introduced a new protocol for transporting patient property, reducing lost items & improving efficiency.


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