Reporting a Car Stolen When Borrowed

February 11, 2023

reporting a car stolen when borrowed

When you borrow a car, it's important to report it stolen. Taking action as soon as possible will help you get the vehicle back and protect yourself from being held responsible for any damage or injuries caused by the person who stole it.

First, check your insurance coverage for any policies that you have in place for theft. You may be able to file a claim to get compensation for your car if it's never returned or to have repairs paid for if it is recovered.

If you loaned a friend or family member a car and they've not returned it after a reasonable amount of time has passed, contact the police to report it stolen. The officer will need as much information about your car as you can provide, such as its VIN and license plate number.

Next, gather any proof that the person you borrowed the car from intended to never return it. This can be a text message, voice mail or hand-written note. It can also be a recent photo of the car.

Finally, let your finance company know about the theft and ask them to connect you with your insurer. Notifying the finance company and insurer of the theft can make it easier to get a claim processed quickly.


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