Rude Transportation, Inc. v. Du Pont, WV

August 9, 2023

Rude Transportation is a trucking company based in Sioux Falls, SD. It specializes in providing shipping services to customers across the United States. The company offers a range of services, including freight, trucking, and shipment tracking. Rude Transportation is a member of the South Dakota Trucking Association and has been in business for more than 32 years.

In January 1992, Rude Transportation incorporated and became a family business with Eunice Freeman's son Arlen taking over management of the company. Eunice and Arlen are major stockholders with Regge, Nick, Brian, and Jolene also working in the company.

A number of employees at Rude Transportation have complained about rudeness from other co-workers. These employees have described rude behavior in the form of gossiping, bullying, and refusing to help. It is important for any company to have a culture of respect and civility, especially in the workplace.

While most drivers never engage in aggressive driving, for a small proportion of motorists, episodes of rudeness are frequent and may be their normal behavior. Rude behavior on the road can not only make other drivers uncomfortable, but it could lead to accidents and injuries.

The first count of the plaintiff's declaration alleges that the transportation, in interstate travel, upon a public highway in Jefferson County, West Virginia by the defendant Rude, a licensed contract carrier for hire and as the agent, servant, and employee of the defendant Du Pont, a manufacturer and shipper of explosives, constituted a nuisance. The defendants filed several written demurrers to the declaration, and the circuit court overruled each of them on its merits and certified its rulings to this Court.


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